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The Rise of Employee Sourcing Programs

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More and more corporate expand their recruitment function to include Search – the targeting of passive candidates or what is commonly referred to as Talent Acquisition. Talent Sourcing is a vital component of Talent Acquisition. As corporates leverage the power of employee social and professional networks, the result is the expansion of the Employee Referral Program (ERP) and The Rise of Employee Sourcing Programs.

Many corporates often mention to me the difficulty in getting employee referrals for more experienced or niche profiles. It is true that for some, there is a personal conflict in approaching peers and it can also feel more like a nomination than a referral. There is often a reluctance or hesitation to nominate peers without understanding their likely performance. Today, that’s all in the past thanks to the rise of Employee Sourcing Programs. Any reluctance or hesitation can be immediately negated by simply explaining that a source is simply a name for validation and further research.

Like ERPs, Employee Sourcing Programs offer an incentive when hired. Rewards can be financial but non-financial rewards are very attractive too like tickets to a sports event, hotel vouchers or even a trade (swapping services for fees).

In-house Talent Sourcing does focus on employees’ social and professional networks, but talent sourcing can include contingency workers, alumni, service providers and strategic alliances.

To truly unleash the power of employee social and professional networks it is vital to give employees’ creative training on talent graphs and how their own networks may be a great source of talent for their company. Thought provoking questions like: Do you keep in contact with alumni from past companies? Are you keeping in touch with old college friends? What peers have you met at industry/trade seminars? help stimulate the thought process.

There are 3 critical factors to be considered:

  1. Employee Communication
  2. The ability to tag a source to its originator – employee or other
  3. Follow-up on the outcomes with the employee or other

Like ERPs, a solid communication and feedback process is crucial for employees to give the program credibility, success and growth.

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