We deliver best-in-class career services to support Career Management Teams across Europe through a range of services and programmes that include Mentoring and Coaching, Contract/Interim or Freelance Resource and Coaching Support, to delivering Customised Careers Team and Student Interactive Workshops.

Our unique approach provides a personal development journey that gets students and executives performance focused and job search ready. We help students define their achievements and unique branding that sets them apart for the right career and business opportunities. It also helps students with essential interview preparation and to identify best job, team and company fit.

We provide insights into what are best search and candidate qualification practices through to due diligence in candidate vetting. We cover job trajectories, C-suite requirements to understanding Non-executive Director profile needs.

We have developed a range of workshops to help students manage their careers. Our workshops are delivered in Groups online or face-to-face. We conduct research on current recruitment trends, create case studies and practical tools. Our workshops cover:

  • Social Media for Employment
  • How to Write a Best-in-class Performance CV
  • Job Search Strategy and Tactical Execution
  •  Understanding C-suite Qualification and Non-executive Director Roles

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